Low-cost shuttle service
DIRECT from Frankfurt Airport

Omni Cars is based in Kelsterbach, in the direct vicinity of Frankfurt Airport. It is a passenger transport operator specialising in shuttle services for airline crews.

We offer attractive fixed prices combined with a first-class and friendly service.



About us

Benefit from our many years of experience in passenger transport.

Our scheduling is arranged to ensure that we are where you need us; on time and at all times. Our fifty or so drivers are friendly and drive safely.

Our fleet comprises over 20 vehicles: comfortable saloons, minibuses and larger coaches. As such, we always have the right vehicle for the job – whether it be for one or fifty passengers. All of our vehicles are, of course, approved for commercial passenger transport, and have been licensed and insured accordingly.



When it comes to passenger transport, it is always safety first! That is why our vehicles are carefully serviced and fulfil all relevant safety requirements.

Our drivers have many years of experience in passenger transport and impress with their safe driving styles. We employ a three-shift system to avoid over-tiredness. And, thanks to our excellent scheduling, we ensure that our drivers always have sufficient time to rest in between trips.


Besides safety, our focus is always on reliability. We only take on jobs that we have the capacity to carry out properly. We plan ahead to ensure that our drivers have time to prepare for their next job and that they can arrive at the agreed location on time. As such, there are no waiting times for our customers.


A well-kept appearance is also very important to our company. Our vehicles and chauffeurs are always presentable, clean and looked after – after all, we want our customers to feel comfortable and relaxed on their journey. Our excellent scheduling also plays its part here, as it gives drivers enough time to clean their vehicles between jobs.